Dorothea Nolde

Current research project:

From Cultural to National Conflict:
Conflict Management in Early Modern Diplomacy, ca. 1550-1815.

Vom Kulturkonflikt zum Nationalkonflikt: Modalitäten und Spielräume diplomatischer Konfliktlösung in der FrühenNeuzeit (1550-1815)

The study opens new perspectives by analysing conflict management as a genuine task of Early Modern diplomacy. Diplomatic contacts where not only destined to resolve political or military conflicts, but could also be highly conflictual themselves, due to cultural differences, such as incompatible codes or stereotypes. The study thus analyses the impact of cultural factors on the management and the resolution of political conflicts: To what extent did elements like knowledge of a foreign country, linguistic skills, but also stereotypes and idiosyncrasies foster or, on the contrary, obstruct intercultural communication between diplomats? During the period considered, which spans from the beginnings of modern diplomacy at the middle of the 16th century to the new European political order established by the congress of Vienna in the beginning of the 19th century, diplomatic conflicts were more and more often interpreted in terms of national conflicts. Although being rooted in cultural differences, conflicts were increasingly associated with ideas of national identities. The focus of interest thus lies on the progressive transformation of cultural conflicts into national conflicts.

Research fields:
Cultural History of Diplomacy
Cultural Contacts and Conflicts
History of Violence
Gender History

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